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In The Case Of Death From Corona India Is At Number Three Let know Which Country Is At Which Number

On Friday, the official death toll from the Kovid-19 pandemic in the country crossed 4.75 lakh. At the same time, America has crossed the figure of 8.2 lakh and Brazil 6.2 lakh deaths.

India at number three in terms of death from Corona

There is now a decline in the new cases of deadly coronavirus in the country. But since the coronavirus has knocked in the country. This virus killed one and a half lakh people. In the last 24 hours, 264 people have died in the country. At the same time, 18 thousand 88 new cases of corona have been reported. So far one lakh 50 thousand 114 people have died due to this epidemic in the country. If we look at the figures of death due to corona, then India has reached the third position.

Other countries that have crossed the death toll of more than 1,00,000-

  • Mexico 290,110 | -Russia 245,794 |
    -Peru 200,502 |
  • Indonesia 143592 |
  • UK 142,772 |
  • Italy 132,551 |
  • Colombia 127,640 |
  • Iran 127,686 |
  • France 119,003 |
    -Argentina 116,184 |

Corona cases in the world more than 250 million, 51 lakh deaths-

The total cases worldwide have now crossed 25 crores. Due to this the death toll has crossed 51 lakhs. Especially in America, India, Brazil, Indonesia, the outbreak of corona is more. Its second and third waves have been seen in many countries of Europe and Asia. Talking about the total cases of corona infection till this evening worldwide, this number has reached 258,176,383. There have been 5,178,508 deaths so far. There are currently 19,327,338 active patients of Corona in the world. At the same time, the number of people recovering from this is 234,078,220.

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Omicron’s latest status in India

There have been a total of 33 cases of Omicron in India. Maximum 17 cases have been found in Maharashtra, 9 in Rajasthan, 3 in Gujarat, 2 in Delhi, and two in Karnataka. It is a matter of relief that the report of all 9 people in Rajasthan has come negative. The patient report has also come negative in Pune, Maharashtra. On the other hand, an Omicron patient from Karnataka has fled to Dubai.

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