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In The Boxing Ring, The Boxer Brutally Beat The Woman And Broke The Woman Nose

The anger of a boxer reached the seventh heaven at that time. When women did not give him any value. An angry boxer punched and broke the nose of a woman, she has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Soon he will also have to undergo surgery.

Boxer brutality with woman in boxing ring

A woman saying ‘no’ to a boxer who threw her punches in the boxing ring was so exasperating that she broke her nose. The police have arrested the accused boxer. This incident happened in a lounge bar in Mexico. The victim’s nose is broken in three places. While another woman was also injured in this attack.

Both Canadians

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’. 27-year-old boxer Peter Novak, originally from Canada, is accused of breaking Jamie Coutts’ nose by punching him. Jamie is also a resident of Canada. The boxer carried out this incident at the Coyote Lounge Bar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The injured woman has been admitted to the hospital. The uncontrollable boxer also injured another woman. The police have arrested the accused by registering a case.

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woman who fell unconscious

Police said that this boxer, nicknamed ‘Heartbreaker’, was trying to flirt with Jamie Couts and his friend present in the bar. The women did not like his action. Both ignored the boxer, which made him furious. He punched Jamie Coutts hard in the face, causing her to fall unconscious to the ground.

shortness of breath

One victim said, ‘When we didn’t give him a sense, the boxer started leaving in anger, but suddenly turned around and punched Jamie in the face’. Jamie’s nose and some teeth are broken in this accident. Along with this, his eye has also been injured. He is also having trouble breathing. He will also have to undergo a surgery before returning to Canada. Jamie had come to Mexico for a holiday. The accused boxer started his career in 2019 and has fought many bouts till now.

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