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In Tamil Nadu Diwali Festival Ends by Throwing Cow Dung

Villagers of Gumtapura on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border celebrate the festival by throwing cow dung at each other as part of the Diwali festival.

In Tamil Nadu, the Diwali festival is concluded in a different way.

The Diwali festival is celebrated in a different way in Gumatapura, a village in Tamil Nadu on the border with Karnataka. The local people here celebrate the end of Diwali every year by fighting with cow dung. Here this festival is called ‘Gorehabba Parv’. This tradition is going on in this village for more than 100 years. This time also Diwali ended on Saturday according to this by fought with cow dung.

marks the end of the festival

Many young or old people living in Gumtapura village take part in this cow dung festival. The people who take part in this festival go to the homes of the people who keep cows in the village. Collect dung. After this, with some worship or local custom, the cow dung is brought to the village temple by the tractor. The cow dung is then kept in the open area. People gather there. Throwing cow dung at each other. This cycle continues for a long time. You can also see in the video how the villagers are throwing cow dung on each other. They are seen throwing cow dung in their hands at each other. People are looking very happy during this festival. Children are also involved in the festival and are enjoying it.

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Celebration is a part of old tradition

It is celebrated as a part of the Diwali festival. This festival is also seen as the end of the Diwali festival. It is said that the people here have been celebrating this festival for many years. People come from far and wide to see this festival. People from other states also gather to see this festival. It is also believed that many diseases are cured by this cow dung.

Organized even during Corona

Local people believe Cow dung has many health benefits. It is believed that if someone has any disease, then by participating in this festival, he gets cured. Last year in 2020, the Gorehabba festival was organized despite the coronavirus epidemic. The local administration had given permission for this and only a small number of people participated in this traditional festival with enthusiasm.

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