Saudi Arabia is considered a conservative Islamic country. There, recently, women dancers wearing very short clothes took out a parade on the road, after which the government has been surprised by the strange reaction.

Small clothes show in Saudi Arabia

The Winter Festival is taking place in the Jazan province of Saudi Arabia. 3 samba dancers from Brazil called to participate in it. These samba dancers paraded the busy street of Jazan dancing and singing in the night. During this, the dancers were wearing bright blue and pink dresses, due to which their figure and curves were clearly visible.

Crowds of people gathered on the streets to see

The people of Jajan city thoroughly enjoyed this parade of samba dancers and posed for photos with them. However, when the video of this parade went viral on social media, there has been outrage in the conservative faction of Saudi Arabia. They are objecting to the short clothes of samba dancers, calling it against Islam and demanding action from the government.

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Crown Prince is busy changing the image of the country

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman engaged in a campaign to change the country’s image for a long time. They are trying to make Saudi Arabia a tolerant country instead of a radical Islamic country so that investment and tourism can increase in the country. That is why on his instructions, many such entertaining programs are being organized by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. This winter festival was also one such event.

Government ordered inquiry

Seeing the displeasure of the people, the governor of Jazan, Prince Mohammed bin Nasser, has ordered an inquiry. It said in the order that it should found out how she came to the Samba Dancers Festival. Who gave him permission for this? However, some people are questioning this decision of the government. They say that this order is only for public show and nothing is going to happen from it.