Under the iconoclastic and lonely creative director Demna, Balenciaga has unveiled the collection through a video game in Paris and inside the Simpsons universe. But as of Sunday, Demna had yet to do a runway show in America, where some of her earliest, most enthusiastic, and most famous clients lived.

Stateside Balenciaga Show Happened in an Iconic New York Venue

Demna, who wanted her first Stateside Balenciaga show to take place in an iconic New York venue. Had a somewhat eerie spirit of the times. sense of events. His long-planned Fall 22 outing, where the blanket-clad model simulated trudging through a biblical snow storm. Ukraine felt all the more poignant against the backdrop of the war and the ensuing European refugee crisis.

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Demna Explains to a Group of Journalists after the Show

Likewise, it felt deeply poetic that Demna held a show in the center of Wall Street during a stock market crash of potentially bearish levels. Even if it was technically a coincidence. “We thought, like, what are the iconic places in New York?” Demna explained it to a group of journalists after the show. Central Park wasn’t working, so he looked to the city. “I’m too busy fitting jackets and coats” to read news about the stock market, he said. Yet, as Demna often points out, the job of fashion is to show the world back at us. And he has a better understanding of how, when, and where to do it than any designer working today.

Demna Accepted

Less than a coincidence, according to a report from this week, Balenciaga will start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies from next month. Although Demna admits that she has none, and does not understand this. Of course, the show started just as the NYSE’s opening bell rang. As dark techno music boomed in the space, and stock tickers and JPMorgan monitors rattled around the room, kinky latex mask-covered models emerged on the floor.

A bunch of Pretty Suits and Overcoats

The first half of the show revealed more surprises than it seems. A bunch of beautiful suits and overcoats. Officially dubbed the Balenciaga Garde-Robe. It was Demna’s seasonless, unbranded proposition for the white-collar worker, whether her day job takes her to WeWork or a red carpet premiere. The hue of a blue wool-Gabardine suit screamed business casual. But Fluid Cut speaks to a new sense of accuracy. Demna has been exploring with stitching since introducing Balenciaga Couture last year, the effect being more elegant than extreme.

The New York Stock Exchange’s Trading floor at the Brand’s Spring 23 show

The garde-robe palette was restrained dark navy, khaki, black. A model held a coffee cup in her leather gloved hand as she walked down the runway. The trench coat was billing, like the morning commuter to the office. Demna has always experimented with fundamentally-proportioned suits. But these subtle silhouettes represent a cooler approach. This is why on Sunday mornings, Ye-Jo has been known to clear out entire Balenciaga clothing stores in one go. The brand’s Spring 23 show was rocking the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.