In Aryan Khan Drugs Case ABP News Caught These 4 proofs of Conspiracy Exposed

The evidence has come in the hands of ABP News. It is clear from them that how a private detective KP Gosavi & Co was playing the game of recovery in the name of NCB.

Aryan Khan Drugs Case Revelations

The revelations in the Aryan Khan drug case have created a sensation in the whole country. Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, had to face jail due to the allegations of drug scandal and the investigation of which drugs case has put NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede himself in the dock. Today ABP News has made big revelations about that drug scandal. ABP News has four such pieces of evidence, which proves it. In this case, a conspiracy hatched for recovery.

The first evidence of recovery scandal

A WhatsApp chat is in the hands of News. This chat took place on 3rd October. Through this chat, the secrets of mutual conversation between two important NCB witnesses KP Gosavi and Prabhakar Sail in the cruise drugs case are being revealed.


KP Gosavi– Go Haji Ali and complete the work which I told you. From there come back home.

Prabhakar cell– sir

Prabhakar Sail, the biggest kingpin of the alleged recovery scandal, has made another sensational disclosure. It was revealed that many people had already been identified before the NCB raid. A trap was laid for his arrest. Prabhakar Sal has claimed in his affidavit. KP Gosavi had sent him photos of many people through WhatsApp.

The second proof of recovery case

The date is recorded on this WhatsApp chat-| October 2 and the time is written – 23 minutes at 1:23. Kiran Gosavi had sent photos of some people on WhatsApp to Prabhakar Shail and said. If these people are seen leaving the Green Gate on the cruise, then tell. Shail has also mentioned these things in his affidavit. ABP News has got all the chats in which it is clearly visible. KP Gosavi had sent pictures of 10 people to his driver Prabhakar Sal. All the 10 targets of KP Gosavi were very high-profile people.

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The third evidence of a conspiracy of recovery scandal

ABP News has got some such photos. In which Prabhakar Sail took a selfie standing near the cruise. We have found some such pictures, in which KP Gosavi is seen standing immediately behind NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede. Through these pictures, perhaps KP Gosavi wanted to show himself as a member of the NCB team. Perhaps his intention was that those who do not know about him should understand that KP Gosavi is not a private person but an NCB employee.

Fourth evidence of a conspiracy of recovery scandal

The proof of this secret game being played behind the scenes is number four and WhatsApp chat. This chat took place between Prabhakar Cell and NCB employee Sameer Salekar. Prabhakar Sal told in his affidavit that he was made a panch i.e. a witness. And without telling him anything, he got him to sign 10 blank papers. At the time when this action was taking place. At that time he did not even have an Aadhar card. It is clearly visible in this chat. Prabhakar Cell had sent his Aadhaar card to NCB employee Sameer Salekar.

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