In 1969, Jimmy Page Got Something He’d Always Wanted

A chance to perform with Led Zeppelin in Memphis, Tenn., home of Elvis Presley and an epicenter for early rock ‘n’ roll.

Memphis State University Field House

Then on the first North American tour of their career, Led Zeppelin arrived in Memphis to make love. Their debut album Intentionally was released mid-tour on January 12, 1969, and was generating a positive response among fans. Roughly a month later, on February 10, they played at the Memphis State University Field House. That’s it! The band had to play in Memphis – the cradle of blues, rockabilly and the genius Sam Phillip, “Page later recalled.” It was a dream come true for me to visit the mecca of music. We were presented with the keys to the city because the concert sold out in record time and, hey, someone who sells out that fast deserves it!⁣”

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British rock organizations also explored

America was a symbol of individuality for many young English musicians at the time. Robert Plant told NPR in 2010, “So many white kids, English kids — we had no culture.” Dad’s house We just ate it and just tried to get it like that. To be honest, we all failed miserably.” As other British rock outfits of the Led Zeppelin era may have discovered, however, a string of strangers passing through some American cities in the late 60s and early 70s The members of Led Zeppelin were disciples of black blues music, but also thrived in the midst of a country plagued by racism and little tolerance for anything that appeared outside the norm.

to the Memphis police “later that evening

“It wasn’t necessarily the best time to travel to the South: Black people were still being lynched in other Southern states and the man who shot the two bikers at the end of Easy Rider would get standing ovations in movie theaters. !” Page said. “Nothing about long hair, hippie morals and rednecks was welcome in places like Memphis and Nashville at the time.” discussing what was in store for them,” prompting the group to pack up after the show and head straight to their next gig in Florida, “taking the key to the city with us!”

led zeppelin Nashville

Later, Led Zeppelin appeared in Nashville, where they once again faced resistance. (Page recalled the concert taking place in the summer of 1969, although other records suggest that the performance did not take place until 1970.) “When we came off the stage after the last number, we went into the dressing room,” They said. “The audience was going nuts, so I said, ‘Let’s do an encore,’ but this cop shuts the door in front of me with a steel bar, and says, ‘You go in there, boy, and I’ll bust it. your head.’ I thought, ‘He’s not kidding…'”

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