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If Indian Cricketer Wants To Eat Meat Then Only Halal Meat Will Be Available!

Two days ago the news came that BCCI has prepared a new diet plan for Team India. Now there has been a big controversy regarding this plan. If media reports are to be believed, keeping in view the fitness of the players, poke and beef have been removed from their plate.

Can only eat Halal certified meat

If someone wants to eat meat, then only Halal certified meat can be eaten. Apart from this, no other kind of meat is allowed. In fact, after the defeat in the T20 World Cup, India cleaned up New Zealand in the recently concluded T20 series. Now it is the turn of the two match test series.

Keeping in mind the fatigue of the players, many major changes were made in the diet chart.

Keeping in mind the hectic schedule of the team and the fatigue of the players, many major changes have been made in the diet chart. Team India’s catering menu came out ahead of the first Test starting on Thursday in Kanpur. The food items are clearly mentioned in the menu. Team India has been clearly instructed not to eat beef and poke. Care will also be taken that the weight of the players does not increase.

What is the difference between Halal and Jhatka meat?

This is nothing more than a separate process of striking the animal. For halal meat, the animal’s respiratory vein is cut, after which it loses its life, on the other hand, for jerk meat, the animal’s work is completed in one stroke. Non-vegetarians of Hinduism and Sikhism give preference to jerk meat, then according to Islamic beliefs, there is a mention of the prohibition of any kind of meat other than Halal.

There was an uproar on social media after this decision. Fans were registering their protest in their own way. Some even accused the BCCI of promoting ‘Halal’ meat. Some did not forget to find the Hindu-Muslim angle here too.

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