iCarly Alum Janet McCurdy Alleges Nickelodeon Quietly Offered Her Money

Former child star Janet McCurdy has pulled the wraps over her frustrating and harrowing experiences working for an allegedly unsuitable man at Nickelodeon, whom she refers to only as a “producer” in her upcoming memoir.

11 year old eating disorder

The “iCarly” and “Sam & Kat” alum details the accusations in “I’m Glad My Mom Died” about her work, an eating disorder, and a frightening relationship with her mother (who, she says, “taught” her). Tells about an eating disorder at age 11). Simon & Schuster will publish the intimate memoir on Tuesday. But an excerpt published on Friday by Vanity Fair (and also reviewed by The Times) shared their account of the “producer” who they claim made her debut at an early age. Pressed to drink and massaged her while making promises about his show.

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McCurdy, 30, charged

Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 to keep quiet about it. Nickelodeon representatives did not respond to a request for comment from the Times on Friday.

Become a real life bestie

McCurdy played spontaneous Sam Puckett in the channel’s hit live-action comedy “iCarly” for six seasons from 2007 to 2012—a show she booked when she 14 and also says she’s “a part of it.” humiliated to be”. He starred alongside Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), who became his real-life bestie, and in a short-lived spinoff called “Sam and Cat” with Nathan Kress (Freddie), and then Ariana Grande.

Grande pursued her music career

The alleged abuse led to “Sam & Kat”, a show she hated for a variety of reasons – many of which had to do with the absence of her budding co-star while Grande pursued her music career. did. ,

McCurdy says

In an anecdote about having another “frequent” dinner with the “producers” while her contract for the spinoff being worked on, McCurdy says he pushed her – at the age of 18 – into her fangs.To take a sip of coffee. He previously described her as having two sides: one as “generous and over-the-top complimentary,” and the other as “mean, controlling and terrifying” and “capable of making grown men and women cry with their humiliation”. and degradation.

With every new star of a show

“The producer is doing what I hear from my co-stars that he does with every new star of a show he’s making — he gets you under his wing. You’re his favorite. Right now.” To. I like to be his favorite right now. I feel like I’m doing something right,” she writes, “I’m confused. He just said he can choose anyone, making me not special And now he is saying that he chose me because I am talented, which makes me feel special again. There bound to this kind of confusion around him.”

chance to direct an episode of a show

Several chapters later, she writes of how the “producer” “has gotten into trouble with the network for his emotional abuse allegations,” which she describes as feeling “as if it’s been a long time coming.” , and should very soon.” She also stated that as her frustration with the network grew, she promised her a chance to direct an episode of one of his shows, but that never materialized because an unnamed “someone” threatened her. That if he did, he would leave the show.

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