Ibrahim Kamara Debut Off White Show For SS23

The first off-white show that was not designed by Virgil Abloh celebrated a pan-African spirit Based on Abloh’s ethos, Anders Christian Madsen discovers.

This was the first off-white show not design by Virgil Abloh. In a simple location on the western edge of Paris, a box painted a deep Klein blue-ish blue evokes Virgil Abloh’s artistic direction imagined without. Created the first Off-White collection.

Choreographed by Nicholas Hutchard

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Inside the blue box, the dancers dressed in the same color and painted drawn from a cube and choreographed by Nicholas Hutchard. A ritual dance performed. Because the model made her way around the edges of the box wearing Kamara’s first collection.

Share your own and Abloh’s collection

Ibrahim Kamara dedicated the collection to his and Abloh’s shared roots. “It’s funny. We’re both West African and share similar cultural references.” The Sierra Leone-born Kamara said in an interview included in the show notes, Abloh Referring to, whose parents immigrated to America from Ghana.

balafon native to west africa

“I’ve seen American culture. But I’m often more interested in our culture, where my people come from and our types of music because I think it’s great. I like because western media sometimes destroys the culture. I can only refer to myself. Including the Balaphone xylophone, native to West Africa.

The collection celebrates the pan-African spirit

He wanted the world to have the same knowledge of the African history of art as we do about Europe. In every way, Kamara’s collection—titled “Celebration”—was an extension of that purpose. Dancers enrich the mood.

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