I Tried Gordon Ramsay Pizza Chain Can Eat Slices For Less Than $20

Ramsay’s opened its first Street Pizza location in London’s St Paul’s neighborhood in April 2018. The chain has since expanded to six additional locations in the capital city as well as Edinburgh, Scotland. Ramsay is set to open his first US Street Pizza location in Washington, DC.

The “MasterChef” star revealed, according to Le Mail

Street pizza has sprung up across London amid Ramsay’s plans to open 50 new UK restaurants in September 2020 – and another 200 in Asia. The “MasterChef” star revealed, according to the Daily Mail. He wants to make a “billion-dollar dining proposition” after grossing more than £15 million, or about $18 million, in 2019.

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I’ve made some great Ramsay recipes

I’ve had some great Ramsay dishes including quick burgers and pasta dishes, but I wasn’t impressed with their Street Burger chain in London. I had one of the worst fried chicken sandwiches I’ve ever tasted. And I enjoyed only one of the three burgers I tried. Cheese-free slices include charred aubergine, which the Brits call eggplant, plus toasted pine nuts, garlic pesto, and tomato sauce.

How would I feel about street pizza?

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Street Pizza, but the deal was great. The Ramsay’s chain offers bottomless pizza slices for just £16, or about $19.29. How could I say no to her? I was in London for a friend’s wedding. And decided to review some restaurants, including Princess Diana’s favorite pizza place.

I went to Street Pizza for lunch

As I walked down to Street Pizza for lunch, I saw a huge sign advertising a £16 deal. Also seen is a menu listing all the available pizza flavors. Lush foliage brought some color to the outdoor patio, which had plenty of tables. Our waiter explained that he would bring out individual pies during our dining experience. It was time to introduce the bottomless pizza.

Abstract paintings add a splash of color to the room

Abstract paintings added a splash of color to the room, and the light fixtures on the ceiling reminded me of glow sticks. The Ramsay’s Street burger chain is decorated with the same lighting and graffiti aesthetic, bringing some cohesion to his restaurant empire. I took my friend Akin to help review the restaurant. And we decided to order some summer spritz cocktails to go along with the mac and cheese.

I love thin pizza

I love thin pizza, and the bottom half of the slice had great crispiness. The tomato sauce was light and delightful, wish there was some more eggplant and pesto. Tomato sauce really shined on this classic slice, and creamy mozzarella added great texture. I really appreciated how thin the slices were – it was meant to be. There will be plenty of room in my stomach for me to try more flavors.

We had to pause between slices

We had to wait a while in between slices before I realized there was only one server passing the pizza around. Most of the tables inside were full and there were groups seated on the outside patio as well. And our server was clearly a little overwhelmed as she tried to get everyone their bottomless slices on time. Staffing problems happen and I was not bothered by the wait. But Street Pizza should definitely have multiple servers during peak hours – especially for servers.

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