I Quit My Job At McDonald Because I Was Too Beautiful

Melanie Collett quit her job at McDonald’s because she thought she was too beautiful to work there. Now she earns thousands posing in lingerie on OnlyFans.

A McDonald’s Employee admitted

A McDonald’s employee admits she quit her job after realizing she was “too pretty” to flip burgers. Melanie Collett, 20, who lives in Edinburgh, felt she was judged by colleagues, management, and even clients because of her stunning looks.

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During his tenure at the fast-food restaurant

During her tenure at the fast food restaurant, Shyamala alleged that her superiors would order her to buy products from Boots. So that she can remove her makeup and false nails. Since Melanie has £6 an hour job, she is making money on OnlyFans – and could even make £1,500 a day.

He told The Sun

He told The Sun, “Most of my colleagues flirted with me and some of them told me that I should only be fans before I left.” Sure it’s because I was beautiful.

I always made sure

She added, “We all had to wear the same outfit, but I always made sure I had my makeup or eyelashes on. However, the attention to her appearance didn’t just come from her co-workers.

X-rated model shared

The X-rated model shared that customers – young and old – would swoon over her, recalling a time when she worked a drive-thru. And an elderly fast food fan told her she was “too pretty” to work at McDonald’s. He said I should move in with him”, Melanie said.

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