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Husband Resigned From Government Job After Getting Fed Up With 3 Wives

When the soldier resigned, his commander was surprised. The commander wondered why he was doing this.

Husband resigned from government job after getting fed up with 3 wives

In today’s era, leaving the government, it is not easy to get a private job. Some people get a job after a tough exam. But what if someone resigns from a government job because of his wife’s affair. Yes, this is true. This happened in the Gulf country of Iraq. The man had to resign from his job because of not one but his three wives.

Soldier obeyed his 3 wives

According to a report published in Gulf News. The Iraqi soldier accepted the advice of his wives and submitted his resignation to his commander. Due to which the commander of the soldier was surprised that why is he doing this?

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husband resigned because of this

Actually, the soldier was upset with the complaint of his three wives. Wives complained that their husband was unable to give them enough time. Her husband gets very little leave from the army. When her husband comes to his house on left, he spends all the time sleeping and doing the rest of the work. He is unable to give them time. In such a situation, she cannot stay with her husband for long.

Commander made this decision

The news of the soldier’s resignation due to the complaints of the wives spread like fire in his entire department. Everyone started discussing it. The commander also started thinking that what would happen if all such soldiers started thinking because most of the people working in the army are not able to give much time to their families.

After this, the commander called that soldier and said that he cannot accept his resignation. There is another way to address the grievances of your three wives besides resignation. I am sending you on leave for 12 days. You stay with each of your wives for 4 days and take care of them.

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