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Husband Kills Wife and 3 Month old Son in Nawada Bihar

A husband killed his wife and three-month-old son in Nawada, Bihar. The husband was trying to escape after killing his wife. But the police have arrested him. It is being told that after the family dispute, the husband has done this incident in anger.

A case has come up in Nawada, Bihar.

In Bihar’s Nawada, an eccentric husband has killed his wife and three-month-old son. Here in Pancheka village of Parma Panchayat of Nardiganj police station area of ​​Nawada district, the son-in-law of Chhote Chauhan has killed his wife and son. The incident happened on Sunday night. People came to know about the incident on Monday morning. After this, the police reached the spot and arrested the eccentric killer. The young man had a love marriage a year and a half ago.

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After committing the crime, the accused youth was trying to escape.

20-year-old Poonam Devi, daughter of Chhotelal Chauhan, resident of Pancheka village of Nawada, and her 3-month-old son Vishal Kumar have been murdered by slitting their throats. There has been an uproar in the village after the news of the murder spread. After committing the crime, the accused youth was trying to run away. But the police chased him and arrested him. The name of the accused is Baliram Chauhan. He is a resident of Fatehpur under Parbalpur police station of Nalanda district. Baliram Chauhan used to work as a laborer and lived in Pancheka in rented rooms.

One and a half year ago both of them did love marriage

The father of the deceased told that his daughter Poonam had married Baliram of her own free will a year and a half ago. Both had a love marriage. After that, both husband and wife were living in Pancheka. He was earning his living by working. Both were happy. After 1 mother-in-law of marriage, they also had a son. But on Sunday night there was a dispute between the two. On this her son-in-law Baliram strangled the daughter to death. After this, when the 3-month-old son started crying, he also strangled him to death.

Police told on the matter

Husband killed wife in a family dispute. In the preliminary investigation, it has been found that out of anger, the husband has strangled the wife and the child to death. The station in charge said that as soon as the information was received, the killer was immediately arrested. And further action is being taken.

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