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How will the Future of Cricket be Fans will Connect Directly Through Digital Platforms

The ICC has clarified its strategy to promote cricket in the next few years. In the future, cricket fans will be able to directly connect to cricket matches and other events through the digital platform. At the same time, women’s cricket will also be promoted.

ICC plans to expand cricket globally

The ICC revealed its strategy on Monday. Under which cricket will be extended to the global level in the coming years. Women’s cricket has been given the most importance in ICC’s plan. Along with this, emphasis will also be laid on creating your own mobile games and connecting fans directly through digital platforms.

Players from more and more countries will be able to enjoy cricket

The ICC has worked out this strategy with all its members. Its aim is to further strengthen cricket, promote it in all countries and preserve it in countries where cricket is weakening. With this, players and fans of more and more countries will be able to enjoy cricket.

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ICC TV is even better

Women’s cricket will be promoted and more matches will be held for smaller cricket teams. Digital platforms will be promoted so that fans can directly engage with cricket. ICC TV will be further improved in this episode. You can still watch cricket-related videos in ICC TV and also get information about the cricket schedules, rankings among other things.

ICC’s mobile game will be made

ICC will also create its own mobile game so that fans can enjoy playing cricket and they feel like real players are playing cricket at their behest. In the coming times, ICC will organize more matches at the initial level. With this, more and more people will be able to play cricket and join this game. At the same time, coaches, officials, and pitch curators will also be educated and more people will be given such education.

Most focus on women’s cricket

In the coming times, the ICC will pay the most attention to the advancement of women’s cricket. The number of matches for women players will be increased and leagues related to women’s cricket will also be promoted. Women’s cricket is far less popular than men’s cricket right now, but the ICC will invest in it and take it forward. Along with this, attention will also be given to cricket’s new countries.

There will be an environment friendly to all countries

It will be the endeavor of the ICC to create a conducive environment for cricket in all countries. At the same time, there should be confidence in the game and players among the fans of cricket. An environment should be created in which players from all participating countries can feel safe. At the same time, there should be minimum corruption in cricket and things like match-fixing should not happen at all. This will be emphasized.

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