How Was Marg Helgenberger Brought Back As Katherine Willow?

After a decade-long absence from the world of yellow tape and bloody corpses, Marg Helgenberger reprises her role as Katherine Willow on Thursday on CBS’s CSI: Vegas. It seems that her character’s so-called “retirement”—which included serving on the board of the Eclipse Hotel and advising young women in forensic science—was not complete, so the episode begins with Maxine (Paula Newsom) talking about her older man. With the asking. back gig.

Peterson signed to CSI: Vegas for only one year

Fortunately, Gil (William Peterson) and Sarah (Jorja Fox) were never replaced after leaving at the end of last season. Apparently, Grissom is currently on a boat in the Arctic Circle, but in real life, Peterson only signed to CSI: Vegas for one year, while Fox opted not to return for a second season.

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Work is in my blood,” Catherine tells Maxine.

And with that, Katherine is immediately put to work in a “sex dungeon” where a Dominatrix is ​​found murdered and very bloody. Katherine throws up phrases like “making a molecular map” to show Joshua (Matt Lauria) that she’s still found, but remains suspiciously silent when he asks about her surprise return to the investigative unit. Is. Katherine then gets a call and runs into some crowded area, where she thinks she sees a woman named Grace, but is unable to catch her.

Katherine suspected of cover-up by hotel

By the end of the episode, Maxine suspects that there’s another reason why Katherine wanted the inside of the yellow tape back. It turns out that he mentioned a young woman named Grace, a former dancer who was studying to be a CSI and working part-time at Eclipse. But the girl went missing three weeks ago and no one in the hotel cared about it. Katherine suspects a cover-up by the hotel, but for what? And by whom?

Grace, maybe? – Lying in a sandy grave.

Earlier this month, Helgenberger told reporters that before she committed to returning to CSI, she “wanted to make sure there was a reason for Katherine to return to work.

Helgenberger signs one-year deal

Helgenberger signed a one-year deal to return to the procedural. “I feel the respect I have for myself, I’m so grateful. It was a lot of fun working with everyone. The set is quite different from the original set. I’m still exploring new rooms, actually. Of course I remember some of the old gang. But I got over that very quickly because everyone has been so welcoming and kind.”

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