How To Turn A Selfie into A manga Character

To use AI Manga, open TikTok to create your video using the plus sign icon. Tap the “Effects” icon, go to the search bar, and type in “ai manga”. The feature appears on the “Trending” section of the various filters provided, proving its popularity.

will ask you to tap the screen

After you select a filter, your screen will ask you to either tap your screen to scan your face or allow you to upload a photo of yourself. I tried both options and it seems to The filter has its own collection of curated manga art. It doesn’t produce surreal imagery like its Lensa AI counterpart (which was the most popular iPhone app in the U.S. at one point in December), but it certainly made me into the manga character of my dreams. It actually made my avatar look somewhat realistic – about as real as you can get for a manga character I guess.

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your fist or apple to build abs

When I searched for the feature, it turns out that 10.6 million videos were created with the AI Manga Tool. TikTok users are definitely going a step further than a simple selfie with varying degrees of success: using your fist or a pack of apples to make abs or a bowl to make cleavage. The craze has taken off. This eventually prompted TikTok to create some of its own AI filters, which quickly grew in popularity because users didn’t have to pay for them as they did for Lensa’s “magic avatar” feature.

The first “AI Art” in the video platform

Last summer, TikTok launched its own text-to-image filter called “AI Greenscreen,” which allows users to type words or phrases that appear on a screen to use as the background of a video. create an image. The video platform previously had “AI Art”, where you could add a photo from your own library and the app generates it as an AI image, and more recently “AI Sky”, which turns your ceiling into a winter wonderland. Kind of turns into different things.

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