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How South African Scientists Detected Omicron Variants

Where there is concern around the world about the new variant. On the other hand, the doctors of South Africa have said. So far only mild symptoms reported in people infected with ‘Omicron’. Although he has said These are just preliminary figures.

A doctor from Freika reveals Omicron

Amid concerns around the world over Omicron, a new variant of Kovid, a South African doctor has revealed its symptoms. These are the doctors who are treating patients infected with this variant. He said he had unrecognized symptoms. However, the symptoms were mild. The patients made a complete recovery without hospitalization. Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association, said she had seen 30 patients infected with this variant in the past 10 days, with symptoms unrecognized.

How does Omicron spread?

Raquel Vienna, head of science at South Africa’s largest private testing lab, did genome sequencing of 8 samples of coronavirus cases on 19 November. She was astonished. The samples that were sequenced revealed a large number of mutations in their spike proteins. Due to which the virus enters the cells of the body.

South Africa first informed the United Nations about the outbreak of Omicron

The World Health Organization had said South Africa first reported this variant to the United Nations Health Agency on 24 November. After which it has forced many countries to impose travel restrictions. However, on Tuesday, the Netherlands’ RIVM Health Institute informed about the presence of ‘Omicron’ variants in the samples of 19 and 23 November.

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WHO declared ‘Variants of Concern’

Vienna reported that the Omicron variant dominated many places, including Johannesburg and Pretoria, to this day. The WHO has designated this variant (B.1.1.529) as a causative variant (VOC) of the virus. However, nothing has been revealed so far to suggest that Omicron causes more severe disease, as there is virtually no data available on this.

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