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How Sandman Lucifer Compares To Tom Ellis Version

Neil Gaiman is bringing the character closer to his comic book roots.

Romantic crime-drama by actor Tom Ellis

Lucifer Morningstar returns to the screen in Netflix’s long-awaited adaptation of The Sandman, but the character looks quite different from his previous foray into live-action. The Lord of Hell became a fan-favorite over a five-year period, in which he portrayed by actor Tom Ellis in the romantic crime-drama Lucifer, which ended last year.

Neil Gaiman’s Fantasy Epic

Viewers would forgiven for not realizing that Lucifer has nothing to do with The Sandman universe, given that it is quite different from the source material, but technically it a spin off from Neil Gaiman’s fictional epic. -Off. Now though, a new star is taking over the role for a version that will more closely follow the source material, Gaiman himself told why Tom Ellis reunited. Had to make Read on for details.

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Lucifer Morningstar in The Sandman

Gwendoline Christie plays Lucifer Morningstar in The Sandman, which has some major genre credentials from her prior roles as Beren of Tarth in Game of Thrones and Captain Phasma in the Star Wars saga. When her casting announced , so some complained that he didn’t understand why the character’s gender was changed, but he explained Gaiman’s thought process in an interview with Empire Magazine.

Christie said

Neil clarified that Lucifer is a fallen angel, and an angel has no gender at all.” Hope this helped with the character’s portrayal. Gaiman praised for defending his cast from attacks on social media made, emphasizing that any lewd remarks are only coming from a vocal minority.

The Sandman release date]

“This is not a response,” he began in a tweet. “When someone grumbles about the Sandman waking up and they get 10 likes, and I tell they’re stupid and get 60,000 likes, there’s no reaction. Some people on Twitter are grumbling and thousands of people wait.” Doing it Friday [August 5, release date of The Sandman].”

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