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How Kalpana Saroj Who Earned 2 Rupees Raised A Company Of 500 Crores

Kalpana Saroj tells that she got married at a young age. His father worked as a constable in the police department. Who is getting married, Kalpana did not know which house to go to.

How a woman working as a daily wage earner became the mistress of thousands of crores

It is said that if you have the desire to do something in your mind, you have the courage and self-confidence, then even being a woman, you can do the biggest work. There is a similar story of Kalpana Saroj, a resident of Vidarbha, Maharashtra, who has now become the owner of many companies in Mumbai. Kalpana Saroj tells that she got married at a young age. His father worked as a police constable in the police department. Who is getting married, Kalpana did not know which house to go to. Just a boy from Mumbai, so they got married and were sent to Mumbai after getting married, but when she came here, she had to live in a slum. Domestic violence became common with them.

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Biography of Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana was born in 1961 in a poor Dalit family of Roparkheda, a small village in the Akola district of Maharashtra. Kalpana’s father was a police constable and his salary was only Rs.300. In which the expenses of the entire family of Kalpana’s 2 brothers – 3 sisters, grandparents, and uncle were used. Being a police constable, her entire family lived in the police quarters. Kalpana ji used to go to the nearby government school to study. She was smart in her studies. But being a Dalit, here too he had to face the neglect of teachers and classmates.

Early marriage

From where Kalpana ji belongs, girls were given the name “Poison Pudiya”. That is why there was a trend to reduce the burden of girls by marrying them early. When Kalpana Ji turned 12 years old and was studying in the seventh standard. Then coming under the pressure of society, his father got him removed from his studies and got married to a boy who was older in age. After marriage, she moved to Mumbai where torture was already waiting for her.

Reached Mumbai again in search of a job

Kalpana Saroj once again made a plan to come to Mumbai from Vidarbha. This time she wanted to come to Mumbai in search of a job, not her in-laws’ house. Despite the family’s refusal, she came to Mumbai. A relative got the support of living here and then Kalpana started working in a hosiery company. When I started sewing work and collected some money, Kalpana wanted to do more. Meanwhile, due to some problem in his father’s job, he also called his sister and parents from the village to Mumbai. He started living in a rented house of his own in Kalyan, away from Mumbai. Then because of his imagination power, he decided to do something of his own.

started a boutique

Kalpana Saroj tells that she planned to open a boutique center. Also took a government loan of 50000 and then the work of the boutique started. But during the same time, her sister’s health deteriorated so much that she could not get her sister’s treatment for only 2000 rupees, and the sister died. From that day onwards, Kalpana decided that, due to lack of money, she could not treat her sister, she would use the same money on her bus. Kalpana took flight after that day, today she is sitting as the owner of thousands of crores.

Identity as builder

Kalpana tells that she started her boutique work, that work went well, and then gradually she started trying hard in the property business. She decided that she would identify herself as a builder in this city of Mumbai. He made a plan to build some houses, won some litigation land legally, and erected a building there. During this, Kalpana tells that many enemies stood in front of her and threatened to kill her, which she complained to the Commissioner of Police and within 1 day for her safety, the Police Department issued a revolver license in her name and Kalpana started her life. She herself got ready to protect.

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