How is RuPaul Really the Cast of Drag Race Down Under Season 2 Reunites The Iconic Drag Queen

How is RuPaul really… The cast of Drag Race Down Under Season 2 talks about working with the iconic drag queen. The Queens have nothing but praise for RuPaul Andre Charles, 61, speaking exclusively with Daily Mail Australia at the world premiere of the latest season.

New Zealand drag performer Kevin Kong

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‘I feel like I’m still processing it,’ says New Zealand drag performer Kevin Kong. ‘When you meet someone like that. Whom you consider your idol since childhood… It took me almost two weeks to really realize that I was in the workroom with RuPaul. It was huge, very big. It was a dream come true.’

Daily Mail tells Australia

As for Molly Poppins, she can barely contain her excitement when speaking about working with RuPaul. ‘F**k real! this is madness. Oh my god, RuPaul! so professional. Daily Mail tells Australia. ‘It was so surreal to be in the same room as her and breathe the air like Mama Ru.’

21-year-old punk skills say Beverly Kills

‘The first moment she went through the door. I was like ‘Is this happening? this is a dream! I’m gonna wake up…’ It was crazy. Very sweet, very professional.’ Punk prowess Beverly Kills, 21, says being in the same room as RuPaul gave him the ‘drive for competition’ to reign supreme.

RuPaul reigns supreme for staying in the same room

‘God, I almost couldn’t believe it. I saw him and it didn’t register with me that he was RuPaul,’ Beverly says. Punk prowess in Beverly Kills says RuPaul staying in the same room to reign supreme gave her the ‘drive for competition’.

‘I was like, ‘That man is really, really f**king tall! Oh, I’m looking at The RuPaul Andre Charles. I’m in this room, in Auckland, in the same room where I and I’m going to present our drag to him.’

Says 27-year-old vigorous and proud competitor Faúx Fr

Meanwhile, Minnie Cooper – the second oldest drag queen in Drag Race history at age 50 – said that it was actually RuPaul who ‘absolutely adored’ her. She says, ‘I only wanted to do one thing… my main aim was to make him laugh.’ ‘And I did that ten times. So my job is done. He was really fun.’ The loud and proud contestant Faúx Fúr, 27, says RuPaul knows exactly how to calm him down.

“She’s literally like a mother,” she says. ‘The moment he walks in he knows how to calm us all.’ ‘We all get excited. But he only has a way of making sure we are fine and we are safe.

Rhys Nicholson shuts down the rumors

The Queens encounter with the well-known actor and performer follows claims that the host was ‘green screened’ on Season 1 of the TV show. Last month, Drag Race stars Art Simone and Rhys Nicholson shut down rumors that RuPaul never actually set foot on the Down Under set and confirmed that he was indeed there in person.

Returning Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicholson to the panel

RuPaul will be added to the panel by returning judges Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicholson. There is a diverse range of talent this season. Including a fire-breathing, Australia’s Got Talent semifinalist and queens with First Nations and Māori heritage.

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