How Dr. Contessa Of Medicine And Dr. Scott Metcalf Married

In an exclusive interview with E! Dr. Contessa Metcalf of News, Married to Medicine, shares how they got their relationship back on track after a dramatic reunion show. Dr. Contessa Metcalf remembers when her marriage was on life support.

The Married to Medicine star and her husband Dr. Scott Metcalf

In June 2021, the Married to Medicine star and her husband, Dr. Scott Metcalf, were faced with tough questions from their co-stars about their relationship status. In fact, the reunion show left the reality star in tears as she debated filing for divorce. “I have three kids,” she said backstage on the reveal tape. “The stakes are so high. But as Season 9 begins July 11 on Bravo, Dr. Contessa is delighted to share the better diagnosis about their 17-year marriage.

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Contessa now as “cathartic” and an opportunity to reset the season

“We’ve made some great progress,” she shared exclusively with E! news. “We went through a lot of growing pains as people saw it. We’ve had seven years of scabies. We’ve had scabies for 10 years and 15 years and I hope we scratched. Hopefully, never any of that.” Will come to the surface like last year.” While 2021 was hard to live again on the small screen, Contessa now sees the season as “cathartic” and an opportunity to reset.” There’s no right way or wrong way to do this. Just get help. Just be honest because Help is waiting for you.

For several months, Dr. Contessa said?

For several months, Dr. Contessa said that she and her husband were “half inside and half outside”. Which led to tense discussions about divorce. Plus, millions of viewers flocked to social media with his thoughts week after week. Both sides spoke to professionals and learned that their own divorced parents were having an impact on their current relationship. Going forward, he hopes that the audience will witness an authentic couple who worked hard to make the marriage strong and healthy.

After being pulled into the driveway by Scott

At one point, the band became so distant between the pair. That Contessa put up a sign for sale outside the family’s Atlanta home. As a symbol, it was time to go out and move on. But after being pulled into the driveway by Scott, he pushed the sign down and agreed to attend therapy. A long-time request of his wife. Grow up and do the same thing because we’re copying some of those things. What we saw,” she said. “When it became real, I think our whole house changed.

Contessa explained

“When he started going to therapy, it was good. Because he was able to become more aware of the things he was doing just because that’s what he was taught,” Contessa explained. “To be honest, none of us saw a good example of marriage being a grown-up. We were just winging it and then trying to listen to 10 different people who tell you to do the same thing.” Were telling 10 different ways. It just wasn’t effective. Being really honest about what you’re doing authentically. And how you guys are doing it can make a positive difference,” she said.

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