Honey Bear Jonathan Ross Daughter Honey Looks Topless At the Beach

Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey shared a topless beach snap and joked that she’s ‘too fat’ for Love Island.

Honey pats his back in front of the camera

Isolated in the sun for a day, Haney patted her back in front of the camera and looked out over the ocean. She captioned her shot: “Caught in a moment of contemplation and acceptance that they would never lick my fat ass at Love Island Villa However, she immediately clarified that she had no interest in going on the show, assuring fans that she is in a relationship.

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commented by a fan

Haney, referring to herself as “socially anxious, introverted, Jewish”, said that she was happy to be in a “boring” domestic bliss. One fan commented: “I appreciate your body confidence as well as yours.” So much admire your confidence in looks, you really don’t care if I can be more like that.

Honey replied

I refuse to hate myself or my body in this economy! Life is too short!” The social media star shared a very similar photo on Instagram two weeks ago and was a picture of confidence, showing off her body art and curves.

Your picture taken on a rocky beach

Red-headed laughter, and hit back at critics groaning about their less-weary photos, writing at the top: “Imagine caring so much about a stranger’s body. Must be exhausting.

“I’ll mind my business, you’ll make up your mind.”

Honey, who wears a size 18, has been a body-positive activist for two years but admitted in an interview with The Sun that she hated herself at first.

She was 12 when she first started thinking about her weight.

She was on a Weight Watchers diet by the age of 13, with mother Jane – who wrote the X Men: First Class and Kingsman movies – offering to accompany her. Honey spent most of her teenage years dieting and by age 14 I had a personal trainer – whom she requested for her birthday.

Honey has launched and co-hosted a podcast called The Body Protest.

The podcast aims to: “Explore the personal barriers that make everyone’s journey to self-love complicated and sometimes treacherous, we hope to unite people with a common understanding of what it means to love oneself.” The struggle is very real.”

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