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Homosexual Couple Got Married In Hyderabad Family Members Were Also Present

In Hyderabad, gay Supriyo Chakraborty and Abhay Dang tied the knot.

gay couple got married in hyderabad

For the first time in Telangana, gay men Supriyo Chakraborty and Abhay Dang tied the knot, taking forward their 8-year long relationship. On this occasion, Supriyo said that their marriage has given a strong message to all. No one needs permission to be happy.

Supriyo (31) and Abhay (34) gave each other a ring at a wedding ceremony held at a resort in Hyderabad. Then resolved to play together in a marriage ceremony. Sophia David, a friend of a gay couple, got this marriage done. Sophia herself is from the LGBTQ community.

The wedding ceremony held for two days on 17 and 18 December.

Of these two, Supriyo is 31 years old and Dang is 34 years old. At a resort in Hyderabad, the two first tied each other’s rings and then resolved to perform together in the marriage ceremony. The wedding ceremony supervised by a friend of the gay couple, Sophia David, who hails from the LGBTQ community. Supriyo told PTI, “December 17 and 18 was a two-day marriage ceremony.

This gay marriage remains a topic of discussion across the country.

After marriage, photos and videos of both are becoming increasingly viral on social media. The marriage of gay men remains a topic of discussion.

The marriage was conducted by Sophia David, a friend of a gay couple, who herself is from the LGBTQ community. Earlier, Supriyo had also shared pictures from his bachelor party. Talking about their marriage, the gay couple said that they yet to register the marriage.

A guest who came to this wedding said

The guest said that gradually people’s thinking is changing. Seeing today’s view, they are feeling it. Society is changing, people are accepting it. At present, this marriage is getting a lot of headlines.

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