Hollywood Power Couple Joshua Jackson And Jodie Turner-Smith Strive To Empower Creatives From All Walks Of Life

I write about the news coming out of the emerging entertainment world. He comes from a long career in film and television. She is constantly spreading her flair in Hollywood today. Together, husband and wife team Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith are each other’s biggest supporters. Because they collectively try to make a positive impact in the lives of others as well.

Timeless like The Mighty Ducks and Dawson’s Creek

From timeless beloved projects like The Mighty Ducks and Dawson’s Creek to most recently starring in the true crime series Dr. Death. Reflecting on his own career, Joshua tells me. I certainly remember the calls in my young artist’s life, to be part of the path of my life and the moment it turned. Which is for these young designers trying to capture and elevate that moment. Truly heartwarming and something wonderful to be a part of.

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Queen and Slim After Yang and Miniseries

Coming from a growing list of starring roles in critically acclaimed films such as Queen and Slim, After Yang, and the miniseries Anne Boleyn. Jodi says, “I definitely think it is really amazing to team up with Teen Vogue and celebrate the diverse and inclusive. Fashion designers, especially for doing so in the middle of Fashion Month. In my life and with my work, I am all about creating opportunities for people. That’s why I was very excited by this scheme which supports and uplifts young designers, who want to say something through design.

Joshua since meeting at a party in 2018

Joshua and Jodie have been married, and welcomed a daughter, since meeting at a party in 2018. With Motorola crediting these two as “change-makers”, I was surprised. How will this power couple define what it means to be a “change-maker” in our evolving society today? Jodi and Joshua, through their ongoing partnership with the Motorola Razr, with “The Call That Started It All” by Generation Next. Upcoming partners are giving their time and energy to support creatives.

Joshua says further

Joshua further adds, “I agree with all of that and I will only add components to it. I think it starts with yourself. The way I think you can be a ‘change maker’ in the world, Part of that is being honest with yourself. Examining your own thoughts, opinions, and prejudices. Think about the things you can, and can’t, live with. And then, try to change those inequalities. Do what you see, first in yourself in your thinking, then in the world.

To actually see the change at the macro-level

Jody begins by saying, “I think it means being a ‘change maker.’ I think change happens on a micro level, person-to-person, and it’s really about who we are in our daily lives and that’s about the people around us. So that we can really see change at the macro-level. I know, as a black woman, I think. In my existence, it’s about trying to make a stand for pushing change. is about, because without it, I would continue to be harassed.

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