Hollywood personality Will Smith had planned to kill his Father Sitting on The Chair by Pushing Him Down the Stairs!

Hollywood’s well-known personality Will Smith is famous all over the world for his simplicity. But there was a time when this superstar used to think of killing his father?

Hollywood celebrity Will Smith

No matter how successful you are, but something like this happens in everyone’s life. The one who never gives upon him. Revealed something similar about his life. In 2001, Oscar-nominated actor and rapper Will Smith for the biopic Ali of boxer Mohammad Ali. Will Smith is a Hollywood celebrity. Famous all over the world for its simplicity. But do you know There was a time when this superstar used to think of killing his father?

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The actor told the story of an alcoholic father

According to a report, Will Smith has spoken openly about some such aspects of his childhood. Which usually no one does. Will Smith told that he always hated him from childhood till his death. Will Smith told how his father was a staunch alcoholic. And used to beat his wife daily. Little Will then just watched everything. And used to think that when he grows up, he will definitely take revenge for it. He got such an opportunity many times even when his father got cancer. He was very ill and only Will served him.

53 year old actor told

One night when I was taking his wheelchair from the room to the washroom. Seeing the stairs, I decided to push them from there, no one doubts a big star like me that he can kill his ailing father. At that time only old memories were haunting me. How he used to torture my mother. I was not strong then. Thought I would grow up and teach a lesson. I stopped and then quietly took him to the washroom.

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