Hollywood Actors Producer Thrashes Heroine Wife In Honeymoon

These days there is a lot of discussion about which Bollywood hero-heroine did what on the honeymoon. It is not necessary that everything is good on a happy occasion. This story is of Hollywood’s famous actress and sex symbol Jean Hurlow. Honeymoon proved to be a very bad experience for Jean.

Similar Story of a love in Hollywood

Jean Harlow Sex Symbol If the world becomes a cocktail of love and mystery, then it is not possible for the good to solve that puzzle. There is such a story of a love in Hollywood, to understand which journalists-writers wrote a lot, but till date could not solve the mystery. The case is that of Jean Harlow and her second husband Paul Byrne, the biggest sex symbol of Hollywood films of the 1930s. Harlow remained in the American industry for only nine years, but her impact on the audience was tremendous. People used to call him by names like Bland Bombshell and Platinum Bland.

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Paul’s body was found near the swimming pool

On the second day Hollywood veterans were present at this wedding reception. Paul and Jean Harlow greeted the guests with a laugh. Both were looking very happy and no one had any idea what happened last night. But then Jean asked in the ear of his agent to get the divorce papers prepared from Paul. The life of both of them looked happy from outside and on the other hand, in frustration, Paul could not understand why he married the sexiest beauty of Hollywood.

Jean Harlow did two more Marriages After Paul

After Paul, Jean Harlow did two more marriages. The third marriage failed and in the fourth he died while married. At the time of his death, Jeanne was only 26 years old. His kidney had failed. She had become a star. Her last film Saratonga MGM completed with her body double. Released in 1937 after Jean’s death, the film was a hit in America. It was not only MGM’s highest-grossing film that year, but also the most successful film of Jean Harlow’s career.

People accused Jean Harlow of killing Paul

However, things slowly started coming out and there was a ruckus. When Paul’s body was found only two months later in his bungalow near the swimming pool. Many people accused Jean Harlow of Paul’s murder, but police and intelligence investigations found it to be a suicide. However, there is still debate in America about what happened between Paul and Jean Harlow. Paul was murdered or he committed suicide. Jean’s entire body had cane marks and he had to go to the doctor. Jean Harlow did not make any ruckus on this matter.

The marks of beating on the whole body of Jean

After initial flops, Jean Harlow was signed by MGM, the biggest company in Hollywood at that time. Jean became an overnight star by joining this company. MGM’s senior executive Paul Byrne was already in awe of Jean’s beauty and it was he who got Jean to contract at MMG. The result is that Jean Harlow could not turn down Paul’s proposal of marriage. Both got married in 1932. But Paul’s problem was that he was not able to have a physical relationship and in frustration and drunkenness, he beat Jean Harlow with a cane on the honeymoon.

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