Hollyoaks Spoiler The Revelations After Saul Stabbing

Saul, as viewers watched on Monday (July 18), was stabbed shortly after breaking up a showdown between DeMarcus Westwood (Tommy Ed) and Joseph (Ollie Rhodes) in the park.

Saul calls him a coward in the heat of the moment

The officer of law believed that Demarcus was carrying a knife, and thus requested it to be handed over to him. Demarcus, who is being tormented by the bully Joseph, refuses to do so, leading to Saul called him a coward in the heat of the moment.

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Engagement Ring Bought for Grace Black (Tamara Wall)

Saul, however, later returns to the park to retrieve the engagement ring he had bought for Grace Black (Tamara Wall), which had gone missing in the midst of an earlier performance. Tragedy later ensued, as Saul suffered an injury. :Khd was stabbed in the scenes, and soon, all fingers point specifically to one resident, as the evidence mounts. The investigation will continue in the ensuing scenes, as to the fact of the ring as well as the missing knife. When you meet, the tension rises.

The question is, who are they in possession of?

This remains to be seen, but in later scenes the clock will start ticking for DeMarcus, and thus he decides that it is best if he leaves the village for good.

Can his family ask him to move out?

Elsewhere, Grace struggles to control her emotions, and she takes it out on one villager in particular.

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