Hocus Pocus 2 All Easter Eggs That Original Movie

The Sanderson sisters are back. And as always in Hocus Pocus 2, the long-awaited sequel to the 1993 Halloween classic. However, when they return to wreak havoc on Salem. This time seeking revenge on the town’s mayor, the descendants of the purist reverend who originally exiled him. Both played by Tony Hale, they find that some things have changed.

Bette Midler Kathy Najimi and Sarah Jessica Parker

Bette Midler, Kathy Najimi, and Sarah Jessica Parker in the new film Winifred, respectively. reprise their roles as Mary and Sarah Sanderson. In which the trio is once again found alive by a group of teenage friends – Becca Whitney Peake. Cassie Lilia Buckingham, and Izzy Belissa Escobedo, publish a new edition of the infamous Black Flame Candle. Gilbert to try and stop the sisters from wreaking havoc on the city. Billy promised to help set Legend straight with the team.

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A spell to the Sanderson Witch Museum, for one

For one, the Sanderson Witch Museum has been reopened as a magic shop. Which is run by a man named Gilbert Sam Richardson. Joe claims that the ’90s saw the first night of witches’ extermination. But it’s far from the only callback to the original Hocus Pocus. Take a look at some other Easter eggs and fun scenes for devoted fans of the first film.

The sequel is full of funny callback lines

Sarah’s “Amok, Amok, Amok!” Mary Kay “Buh goodbye!” Winnifred’s “Book!” The sequel is full of funny callback lines. Joe fans will hear the original back. There is also a reference to the sisters’ bus ride from the first film when Mary refers to a car as a “very small bus”. The new film Billy Butcherson also adds some loose threads regarding the story of Doug Jones. This suggests that she and Winifred weren’t actually in a relationship, per se, they just shared a kiss.

Jones told ET at the Cheat 2 premiere

Jones told ET at the Deception 2 premiere that he’s always wanted to revisit his character from the original film. “I’ve been asked many times what character you’ve played in your 30-something years that you want to revisit or revisit. Billy has been my answer because there are so many layers to him. I wanted to know more. And with the sequel coming out, it seems, I got it. The fan enthusiasm for it has been unlike anything I’ve ever done before in my life.

Offers the beloved spell book to Winifred on her 16th

We also see Sarah’s song “Come to Little Children”, which she uses to spoof the original to seduce the children of Salem. Sung for the first time to sisters by Hannah Waddingham’s Witch Mother. Joe offers Winifred the beloved spell book on her 16th. Birthday. Additionally, the book is shown to contain a “cat change” mantra, which would one day be used on the Thackeray binks.

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