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History Made in MMA Final Now Thailand Champion Stamp Fairtex Will Clash

One Championship:- The Phogat family is known for wrestling. But now the champion of mixed martial arts ie MMA can be seen from this family. Ritu Phogat forest on 3rd December

Ritu Phogat preparing to create history

Hungry like a lioness I am hungry in the same way… these are the words of the youngest Phogat sister Ritu Phogat, who is preparing to create history. Ritu, who made her debut in mixed martial arts ie MMA from wrestling two years ago, has reached the final of One Championship and on December 3, she is up against Stamp Fairtex of Thailand for the title.

His journey in the MMA ring was great

It is not long for Ritu to enter the MMA ring. But so far his journey has been great. Especially this year. He said that this year I have won 4 matches. Learned something new in every match. The technique has improved and my game is improving day by day. On what would be her game plan against an experienced player like Fairtax, the Indian star said that I will now show it only on December 3. FairTax’s takedown is pretty good.

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Ritu Phogat to clash with Stamp Fairtex on December 3

Former India wrestler Ritu Phogat will take on kick-boxing world champion Stamp Fairtex of Thailand in the ‘One Women’s Atom Weight (48kg) World Grand Prix Championship (Mixed Martial Arts) final’ on December 3. Fairtex is also a former world champion of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is also a form of martial art that originated in Thailand. It is called the ‘Art of the Eight Limbs.

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