This came to light after analyzing the height of different types of shoes. Which one has the greatest effect on the pelvic floor muscles of women?

Height of shoes helps to fit love life

Many kinds of research have proved that not only men but also women are dissatisfied with their love life. But recently researchers have done research in which women can improve their love life. Know what the research says.

What does research say

According to research, if women wear two inches or more heels, then it can improve their love life. According to research, shoes with heels stimulate those muscles. Helps women to reach climax. If you choose heels instead of flat shoes. You can improve your love life.

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During the research, after analyzing the height of different types of shoes, it was revealed which had the most effect on the pelvic floor muscles of women.

May increase blood flow during sex

Research revealed that there is a group of muscles. Which controls sexual activity as well as the bladder. In this case, a strong pelvic floor can increase blood flow during sex. In such a situation, the chances of reaching ORGASM can increase.

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How was the research done?

According to the report published in Daily Mail. Researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai asked 1,263 women during the research. What kind of shoes do they wear between a heel of less than one inch to a heel of three inches.

research results

Researchers found that two-inch heels work best. Because when a woman stands wearing two-inch heels. So they tilt her pelvic floor so much. His muscles tend to contract over and over again keeping them in good shape.

The NHS website already recommends daily pelvic floor exercises for women who struggle to orgasm while having sex.

What do researchers say

Researchers of the research say that high heels not only help in getting orgasm but problems like urinary issues, bladder leakage can also be solved by it.

In a report on the results published in the journal Translational Andrology and Urology, the researchers said. Problems with the pelvic floor muscles can cause sexual dysfunction, incontinence, and pain. But the results of our research show that Shoes with two-inch heels can help women to trend these muscles.