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Hesitation To Get The Vaccine In Muslim Areas Maharashtra Government Will Seek The Help Of Salman Khan

Maharashtra Health Minister said- There is hesitation in getting the vaccine in Muslim-majority areas. Therefore, the government will take the help of Salman Khan so that people can be persuaded to get the vaccine.

People are hesitant to vaccinate

To stop the spread of deadly coronavirus. So far, more than 113 crore doses of the vaccine have been given in the country. The government is encouraging people to take both doses of the vaccine. Despite this, there are still many areas where people are hesitant to get vaccines. Something similar is happening in Maharashtra as well. Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope has said. There is hesitation in getting anti-coronavirus vaccines in Muslim-majority areas. The government will take the help of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. So that people can be persuaded to get vaccinated.

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People listen to religious leaders and film actors – Tope

Rajesh Tope said. Maharashtra leads in the number of vaccinations, but the pace of vaccination is slow in some areas. “There is still some hesitation in Muslim-dominated areas. We have decided to take the help of Salman Khan and religious leaders to persuade the Muslim community to get vaccinated.” He said, “Religious leaders and film actors have a lot of influence. People listen to him. ”The minister said that so far more than 10.25 crore vaccine doses have been given in the state. All eligible individuals will receive at least the first dose by the end of November.

Corona’s third wave will not be serious – Tope

Regarding the possibility of a third wave of coronavirus infection, Rajesh Tope said that according to experts, the epidemic cycle is of seven months, but due to mass vaccination, the next wave will not be serious. He said that people should follow the Kovid safety protocol. Should be vaccinated.

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