Here The Latest Preview Of The Singer Upcoming Album Holy FVK

The song is the latest preview of the singer’s upcoming album ‘Holy FVK’. Demi Lovato on Tuesday (August 9) shared yet another glimpse of her upcoming single “29” on social media.

Lovato’s die-hard followers spoke out in the comment section of the post

The new TikTok shows the singer sitting in the back seat of a car. As her voice stared at the camera: “Finally 29 / Funny. Like you were at the time. Thought it was a teenage dream. Just a fantasy but was it yours or was it mine? / 17, 29” on track. Lovato’s die-hard followers flooded the post’s comment section. Which was eagerly tying the song’s accusatory lyrics to her relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama.

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One fan wrote, while another commented

“Wilmer finished with this!!” One fan wrote, while another commented “YAAAAS DRAG HIM BESTIE,” his two replies garnered over 2,000 likes between them. Yet another follower said, “Any teenage girl who dates a guy in her 20s. She should listen to this. You’re a great role model.”

Song Lovato’s upcoming studio album

The song will be the third single from Lovato’s upcoming studio album Holy FVK. Which is scheduled to be released on August 19 through Island Records. Coincidentally, the day is when Lovato rings in on her 30th birthday, August 20th. The lead songs from the album were also “Skin of My Teeth” and “Substance”. The couple stayed together for almost six years before calling things off for good in the summer of 2016.

An exclusive interview with Billboard

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Lovato—who recently began using her her pronoun—with them again. indicated that Holly would be a sudden departure from the sonic palette of their most recent albums in favor of an FVK rock-leaning sound. On her initial LP, the two stars began dating in 2010, when she, yes, was 29 and she was 17.

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