Her Marvel Teases Bedlam Identity With Secret Cover

Instead of a face on the cover, “Who’s Bedlam?” There is a black spot with the words. By definition, Bedlam means A scene of uproar and confusion. Well, because fans are confused about the identity of the villain. Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are in the same boat. However, they are in worse shape as Bedlam has been terrorizing the father-son duo for some time. Written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Brian Hitch, fans are in for a treat with the next few issues of Venom.

Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are in the same boat

According to Bedlam, however, Meridius sent the poison symbiote to terrorize him in order to make him stronger. At one point, Bedlam taps into the Hive-Mind to reveal Eddie Brock’s torso and manipulates Dylan into thinking Bedlam is his father. While Dylan fulfills his fortune by donning the Venom symbiote. His father, Eddie, wanders into the future in search of a way to help his son.

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Reborn, Eddie is inadvertently absent from leader of the throne

Eddie finds himself in the future after “dying” in an attack on the Absent Throne. His consciousness flowed itself millions of years into the future. Reborn as a symbiote in the Garden of Time, Eddie inadvertently meets Meridius, the leader of the absent throne. When one of the Kings in Black tried to tell Eddie something important, Bedlam attacked. This was his first encounter with the giant symbiote.

Eddie Brock and an upcoming Nemesis for the Symbiote Hive

Oddly, Bedlam is not mentioned at all in the text requesting Venom #9. Instead, it refers to an upcoming nemesis for Eddie Brock and the symbiote hive he is now part of, Kang the Conqueror.

Horror as Dylan and Venom Symbiote

However, the solicitation text for Venom #10 of August 31 offers some more potential insight into Bedlam. in which it is said That “Massed and mutilated by forces stronger than himself, Eddie has no choice but to watch his son, Dylan, and the Venom symbiote in horror. Bedlam stabbed in the heart!”

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