Heirs She Goes Inside Petra Ecclestone Lavish Wedding As She Turns Her £170m Home Into The Space Of Dreams

Petra, 33, who is worth an estimated £350million, is set to tie the knot with recruiting company boss Sam Palmer, 38, at their £170million Chelsea mansion, Sloane House.

Socialite Calls A-List Event Team, Banana Split

Elton John and Mariah Carey to transform their Grade II listed home into a luxurious wedding venue. An insider said: “Petra has spared no effort to turn her home into a luxurious wedding setting. has not left.

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Because of the concerns of the former James

The former has kept the location close to her chest due to James’ concerns, but has ensured security to ensure that nothing can spoil her special day.

22 A wild hen party with sister Tamara, 38, at Mayfair

“Despite this being her second marriage, Petra has not reduced the celebrations and guests will be surprised by her arrangement.” Be sure to enjoy your final night of freedom in style with a wild hen party.

The model threw a pink-themed boozy dinner party

, which saw seven of her guests wearing their face masks while topless butlers paraded and topped glasses with champagne. Petra, who wore a crystal-adorned bridal captain hat, posed for a photo on her Instagram with older sister Tamara, Titled: “My Ride or Die.”

40-year-old James stepped up security for his big day for fear of stunts

However, Petra, who recently flew from California with Sam and her four children, has stepped up security for her big day for fear of Stunt, her ex-husband, 40, whom she divorced in 2018 , which will spoil her special day. All brides panic before their wedding, but for Petra it is heightened by her fears about James,” a source close to the model told The Sun.

Says Petra

She won’t move on from James to try to make her big day shine, so she’s completely out to make sure nothing can go wrong.” Father Bernie and sister Tamara also haven’t been told some of the finer details.”

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