Heidi Klum Went Topless In Her Riskiest Photo Ever: Boy It Hot

Heidi Klum shared a topless photo from her summer vacation

Raised the temperature on the Internet to a thousand degrees. The 49-year-old supermodel is proving that less (dresses) are more on an extremely hot day. Wearing nothing but hot-pink bikini bottoms, Klum strategically styled her long hair with strands pulled across her hips. blonde hair and used her left hand to subtly cover her breasts. She looked down at the image reflectively, while a stunning mountain landscape gleamed in the background. Of course, her caption says what we’re all thinking when looking at the snapshot, “boy it’s hot” with a sun emoji standing in for the letter “O.

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Husband Tom Kaulitz before traveling

It looks like Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz packed a very light suitcase before making the trip because the topless photo isn’t the only post without clothes on their social media pages. She also shared a photo of the Tokyo Hotel guitarist sunbathing, with nothing but a towel covering his crotch. Klum is seen in the foreground with a green bucket hat covering her face from the sun, but we’re not sure if she’s wearing anything else. Naked Summer It’s For These Two!

Himself “Nudist” for Ocean Drive Magazine

Anyone who has followed Klum’s career for a while knows that she has no problem getting naked. Calling herself a “nudist” in 2016 for Ocean Drive Magazine via Sports Illustrated, she always discussed the confidence she had in her body as she “grew up going nude beaches with her parents.” He continued, “I don’t have a problem with nudity. I’m very free. When I go to the beach, it’s in a very inaccessible place where there aren’t a lot of people, and I like to go topless. Six years later, she hasn’t changed her tune, so hot-girl summer is officially nude-girl summer for Klum.

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