Heartstopper Yasmin Finney Becomes First Trans Bond Girl

Heartstopper and Doctor Who star Yasmin Finney dreams of becoming the first trans Bond girl. “I would love to be a trans Bond girl or just a Bond girl in general. I love James Bond,” she said in an interview to the British newspaper The Mirror.

Sharing his love for the James Bond franchise, where?

The 18-year-old shared her love for the James Bond franchise, saying, “Every time I watch a Bond movie, I think. I’d love to be that cool, sexy Bond girl like never before. ” Caroline Cosey, an extra in the 1981 Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, was also an inspiration to the young actress. Yasmin told the Mirror, “Shout out to Carolyn. She’s inspired me to be a positive representation in a way that James Bond never had.

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Kosi thrown out as trans by a tabloid

Cossey shares her experience as one of the first trans women in the entertainment industry. Shortly after starring in a Bond film and his subsequent feature in Playboy. Kosi was thrown out as trans by a tabloid. However, the pressure and discrimination he faced for being in the public eye was almost too much for Kosi. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she said, “I just got sick of being ashamed of something I never had any control over, which was my assigned gender.

Invited to Model for Playboy

After finding the courage to express herself openly, she continued working in the entertainment industry. And in 1991, she was once again invited to model for Playboy. She said, “I wanted to do this because I wanted to show all the jokes and heterosexual Playboy readers that transgender people can be sexy and attractive and help them lose their preconceived notions about us. Gay Doctor Who Going to be super cool, a sexist doc,” Harris said.

Kosi’s bravery inspired Finney throughout the journey

Kosi’s bravery has inspired Finney throughout his journey. He reflected on how the industry has become more accepted since Kosi dropped out. “There are people in the industry who were transphobic, but they are not because of the way things are changing now. I would rather not fight and be a part of it.’ They can see themselves represented, And they can see the positive side of being a gay man.

Told the news site in the interview

He told the news site in a recent interview, “I’m still amazed that I’m the kind of person who gets the first positive representation of trans people in the UK media.” Elle Argent, Finney’s Heartstopper character is such a beautiful character . She is so confident and confident at such a young age. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on screen. I am hoping that whatever I do with the representation that I am giving to the people.

Beyond Bond Aspirations, Phinny Doctor Who As Rose

In addition to his Bond aspirations, Phinney is set to appear on the next season of Doctor Who as Rose. Also with Sex Education’s Nakuti Gatwa, who will play the role of a doctor. The next season of this legendary show is going to be very queer. In an interview with Variety, Neil Patrick Harris, who also stars in the upcoming season, said that the Doctor will be out.

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