Headies Awards 2022 Organizers Announce Singer Portable

The organizers of The Headies have recently disqualified popular singer Habib Okikiola from the 15th edition of the awards ceremony as portable, following controversies surrounding him. In a statement released on its Instagram page on Tuesday, the organizers said? That Portable was disqualified for threatening to kill his co-nominees.

The singer as taken on his Instagram page on May 25, 2022

The singer took to his Instagram page on May 25, 2022 and won’t be the winner in the same category. Threatened to kill or harm other nominees in which they were enrolled. When the 2022 Headies nominee list was unveiled, he nominated in the ‘Rookie of the Year’ and ‘Best Street-Hop Artist’ categories.” Responsible organization that abhors any form of violence, unlawful assembly, or activities that destroy our society.

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The organizers expressed their displeasure over the threat of Portable?

However, the organizers expressed their displeasure at Portable’s threat, saying.”We regret to announce that following several accusatory statements by Mr. Habib Okiola, popularly known as “Portable”. And continued negative attention. Which Mr. Okiola has received from the Nigeria Police and the general public in recent days, the organizers of Hades have resolved to disqualify Mr. Okiyola as a nominee for the upcoming 15 Hades Awards.

Decision to disqualify Mr. Okikiola

“The decision to disqualify Mr. Okikiola has been reinforced by a number of misdemeanors made by Mr. Okikiola, via his social media platform.On May 25, 2022, he threatened to kill, harm, or harm other nominees in the same category of awards. If he doesn’t emerge the winner, well that’s my prize. Whoever else wins, I’ll tell them to kill. I will ask them to kill that person. If the organizers give my prize to someone else, they will die”, – Mr. Habib Okikiola.”

The statement also captured a recent claim made by the ‘Zazoo’ crooner

The statement also captured the recent claim made by the ‘Zazoo’ crooner that he the founder of a cult group called ‘One Million Boys’. On 18 July 2022, Mr. Okikiola published a video on his social media platform. In which he stated that he is the founder of the infamous cult group, ‘One Million Boys’. The said group gained notoriety for crippling and robbing innocent Nigerians over the years. In his own words? “Have you heard of the Azah boys, a million boys? I set them up.

Mr. Habib Okikiola made a recording of himself

“Also, on 17 June 2022, Mr. Habib Okikiola made a recording of himself. Where he ordered his group of friends to attack and cause bodily harm to his accused friend DJ Chicken. He said in his own words; “A Na eli pa jo!” thrashed him ruthlessly!.We will not condone the reckless and wordless statements of the artists. And hereby do not dissociate ourselves from anyone associated with such gatherings or activities, including the prospects of Mr. Okikiola.

Being the subject of an investigation relating to criminal activities,

“The music industry demands all-round excellence. Young artists need to be potential role models to demonstrate professional responsibility, due dignity and respect for others. Being the subject of an investigation related to criminal activities, Mr. Habib Okiola is expected to held later this year. Disqualified from both categories of awards at the upcoming 15th Annual Headies Awards. Best Street Artist and Rookie of the Year The public assured of our commitment to fostering talent and individuals of exemplary character in our best interest.

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