Head Of Law firm Vardags Instructs Staff To Leave Suits And Chanel Annabel Exclusive Mayfair Nightclub

It is reported that the head of the law firm Vardags has instructed the employees. That they skip the suits and channel Annabel’s exclusive Mayfair nightclub has raised a few eyebrows when it comes to selecting their outfits. It also specifies that tech staff aside, the “hoodie-techie” look is not permitted.

Workplace dress code for members’ clubs

But there is some wisdom behind transferring the dress code of a members’ club to the workplace. As with Annabel, hotpants or dirty trainers probably wouldn’t fit most people’s idea of professional attire. and “smart, elegant dress”—the dress code’s objective for the Mayfair Club serves as a broad rule of thumb for work, too. So the idea of encouraging staff members to express themselves through clothing seems progressive.

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An electric-blue sequined jacket and gold leather

Annabel says linen is fine if pressed. Jeans are allowed. If “a solid color” and a round neck T-shirt can be worn with a tailored jacket. They also ban “gym wear” and flip-flops. All of these seem reasonable enough for the workplace – especially in a conservative field like law. The memo reads, “If you fancy an electric-blue sequined jacket and gold leather trousers. If you fancy pink hair or a scarlet DM, you fancy a purple velvet jacket, that’s all good.”

The description of the dress code is where it is probably less transferable

The details of the dress code are where it is perhaps less transferable. The ban on “excessive exposure of the skin” seems a bit subjective, and could lead to employees being singled out for wearing them. Men being banned from wearing shorts to the office seems a bit inappropriate for the summer months. As per the specification, they should wear the jacket after 6 pm. And the rules surrounding hats are Trilby’s are allowed, hats are banned. are clearly obsolete at the moment where the baseball cap statement is helpful.

Ayesha Vardag, founder, and president of the firm

Pleased to hear from Ayesha Vardag, Founder, and President of the firm. which encourages its employees to “bring your personality to work”, and “be as awesome as you feel”. For too long, fields such as law and finance have lagged behind the broader trend towards a more casual way of dressing, with suits and shirts still dominating. If the rise of the tech industry over the past 20 years has popularized the equally dull uniform of the equally drab hoodie and jeans.

Be strict in following the formalwear dress code

Whether or not Vardag’s staff will actually take him up on the offer remains to be seen. Most lawyers probably remain rigid in following the formalwear dress code. The fact is that Vardag’s email comes with a caveat. With suits still required for days on the court, we’re still a long way from a completely “anything goes” approach to fashion at work.

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