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Haus Fight! Doc Gallows And PCO Clashed In A Street Fight For The Main Event Of Impact Wrestling.

The bout served as a teaser for the 5 vs 5 battle between Bullet Club and Honor No More at Emergence on Friday, 12 August. Both men decided to roll alone to take care of business. The PCO was in the doghouse as far as leader Eddie Edwards was concerned. Edwards demanded that the PCO prove his worth by removing the gallows. Gallows, on the other hand, was a big boy and didn’t need a Bullet Club backup.

Gallows to slam over the steel

The hoses shaped each other. Hitting the eye with the gallows to start a scuffle. Gallows pulled PCO out of the ring and slammed him onto the ramp. PCO pushed Gallows into the ring post and then added a suplex to the ramp. PCO put some chairs on the floor, but Gallows took him off the apron, crashing his own creation. Back in the ring, the two hoses gripped each other with chairs. The PCO then put some chairs, and she turned again. Gallows lifts PC off the turnbuckle to slam Steele over it. Try not to panic by looking at this place.

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PCO’s head attacked with a chair

Gallows continued to attack the floor, throwing a chair over the PCO’s head. Gallows sets up a table, but the PCO misleads him into a wooden chokeslam. The PCO begins to cut the ring apron to expose the wooden ring board. This gave Gallows time to recover. Big LG grabs a chain to punch the PCO. Gallows executed the gas mask chokebomb on the exposed wood. 1, 2, PCO out.

Annihilation! Gallows demands a ten-count from the referee

Now the moment you all are eagerly waiting for. The PCO regained control and climbed the turnbuckle. Gallows misguided French-Canadian Frankenstein to chokeslam him through the ring. In the words of Tom Hanifan, “Oh my god! Annihilation! Gallows demands a ten-count from the referee. At 9 p.m. PCO raises his hand to show life. PCO punches and fires on the wood with an inverted DDT to power on.” crawls out of the hole.

During the Battle of Haus between Doctor Gallows and PCO

The PCO pulled out a bag of thumb to put in his glove. The intention was the weight for a loaded punch. The PCO jumps off the turnbuckles for a flight of doom. The impact caused Gallows to play a role in the hole. The PCO stood on top of Gallows’ dismembered body to win the pin. What a fight! Gallows and PCO are going to feel that physicality in the morning. This bout bowling shoe was more on the ugly side, and I mean that as a compliment. The chokeslam through the ring was fun that feels right in the impact zone. At what point did you react the most during Haus’s fight between Doc Gallows and the PCO?

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