Harry Styles suffers wardrobe malfunction mid-concert in front of Jennifer Aniston

Following the incident, Harry Styles took a short hiatus to go backstage and change into another pair of brown trousers. On his return, he also apologized to the audience.

Harry styles Thursday night in Los Angeles

Harry Styles suffered a wardrobe malfunction during his concert in Los Angeles on Thursday night, leaving his face red. The 28-year-old was performing his song ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ when his tan leather trousers ripped at the seam near his crotch. To make matters more awkward for the British singer, the incident took place in front of Jennifer Aniston, whom he had earlier described as his first celebrity crush.

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Wardrobe malfunction causing Styles to kneel on one knee

According to videos shared on social media, Mr. Styles suffered a wardrobe malfunction when he kneeled on one knee, promptly tearing a seam of his pants in the process. After noticing the gap, Harry Styles quickly covered Rip with his hand and turned away from the audience. He also ended his performance after grabbing a Pride flag from a member of the crowd to wrap around his waist and hide tears.

A Twitter user shared the video of the concert

Sharing the photo, she wrote, “Harry really rips and tears his pants in front of Jennifer Aniston. That’s in that man’s mind.” “Honestly ripping his pants when his crotch is like 10 feet from ppl’s faces, so this is one of the most drastic styles things ever,” said another. “Harry is making a pride flag skirt after tearing his trousers!” tweeted another fan account.

According to page six

Celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah, and Ellen DeGeneres were part of the audience. Following the incident, Mr. Styles took a short hiatus to go backstage and change into another pair of brown trousers. He also apologized to the audience on his return. My trousers were torn. I feel like I should apologize to some of you right there, right there. I mean, it’s a family show,” he joked. Pointing to a man in the crowd, he said, “You sir, are you okay? I promise it’s not part of the show.

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