Harry Styles Reveals Gender at Australian Concert

Harry Styles just made an avid fan’s wish come true. When they announced the sex of her baby after seeing her baby’s request on a sign in the crowd of 70,000. In the middle of his Sydney Stadium show, the English singer looked at the message caught by Gina Cunningham in the front row.

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Styles before asking whether the woman’s priority

“Are you ready to do this? Do you really want to do it? Give me that little, little envelope?” he asked her from the stage. Once the envelope was in his hands, Stiles kept asking First peeped into the answer whether the woman has priority.

“anything you want?”

When Cunningham said he was happy either way, he requested his band to play some “gender revealing music”. thereby indicating a slow jazz tune. “It’s a little touch too sexy for a gender reveal,” he told his bandmates, who laughed, stopping the music.

“The good news is I know something you don’t, the bad news is you’ll have to wait until the end of the show!” he shouted, prompting shouts and screams from the crowd.

After the concert, Gina took to her TikTok

In response to the reaction, he said, “It was just a joke.” Dramatically, Styles announced that Gina was giving birth to a baby girl – to applause from the crowd. After the concert, Jeena took to her TikTok to share the now-viral moment.

“Thanks also to everyone who congratulated me!”

Ever since the hit song from Styles’ most recent album, fans have been begging the woman to name their unborn daughter Matilda. “Imagine taking your daughter to her first Harry Styles concert and telling her she revealed your gender,” said one.

“You’d better name her Matilda,” said another.

During the same performance, which was Styles’ final Australian show, the singer surprised fans by inviting singer Daryl Braithwaite on stage to perform a rendition of the Australian icon’s hit The Horse.

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