Harry Styles Fan Freezes BeReal Photos App At Worst Moment

Photo-sharing app BeReal has seen a surge in popularity in recent weeks. However, the demand for BeReal means the app often crashes at the crucial moment when users try to upload their daily photos – as one woman found out during a Harry Styles concert.

Furious look to make the app’s camera work

In the clip, the woman’s fingers can seen pressing the “Take Your Burial” button on the app to get the perfect shot of Styles for her beryl photo of the day. She presses the button over and over, trying furiously to work the app’s camera as Styles walks towards her and gives the crowd a thumbs up. But despite all her efforts, the BeReal app crashes and the woman fails to post the daily photo of her dreams.

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The plight of the woman in the video

The amusing clip has garnered over 5.4 million views – with thousands of TikTok users relating to the plight of the woman in the video. “Beryl is the smallest app, she was brave to try one back then,” writes another viewer. “Assures me it’s not just my beryl app that takes ages.”

Professor at the University of Buffalo School of Management

Another TikTok user, who understood the woman’s struggle with the app, comments “BeReal is super stressful when it doesn’t open.” BeReal topped the Apple App Store US charts this week, despite the app reportedly sold by many. Complaints received that it crashes when users try to upload their daily picture. However, Arun Lakshmanan, a professor at the University of Buffalo School of Management, told the Los Angeles Times that the infrastructure of social media apps suddenly increased due to demand. It is common to get stressed.

Fast Company by Digital Analytics Platform Sensor Tower

BeReal’s boom echoes the early success of Instagram and Twitter, when platform glitches were often due to an overload of users. “The faster an application is able to grow, the more popular and stable it is,” explains Laxman. The higher the chances, the higher the chances.” In total, BeReal downloaded over 20 million times. It had 1.7 million downloads during the week of July 11, according to data shared by digital analytics platform Sensor Tower with Fast Company, its biggest weekly gain ever, while this past Saturday the app’s best ever. It was day

post a picture in the surroundings

Founded as the opposite of Instagram, BeReal only allows users to post one photo per day and only at a random specific time. The app wants users to focus on sharing authentic posts that don’t use editing or filters. Also, users don’t get to decide when they share a photo. Instead, they receive a notification to post a picture in their current environment and a time limit of two minutes to do so.

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