Harnaaz Sandhu Liva Will Represent India At Miss Universe In Israel After Winning The Title Of Miss Diva Universe 2021

Beauties from all over the world are involved in the contest of Miss Universe. Every girl in the glamor world dreams of getting this crown. In such a situation, this year Harnaaz Sandhu is joining from India to compete with beautiful girls from all over the world.

Harnaaz Had Long Involved In Modeling For The Competition

Describing the secret of her beauty, she had said that she does a lot of yoga and meditation. It is clear from these pictures that Harnaaz has kept himself quite fit. He said after selected in this competition. She will try to strengthen India-Israel relations. Harnaz is very active on social media. She keeps sharing glimpses of her professional and personal life on social media.

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Harnaaz Walks On The Stage In A National Costume In A Royal Style

Like a queen, Harnaaz won the hearts of people by walking on stage in a national costume in a royal style with full grace and elegance. Harnaaz also included an umbrella as an element with this rosy pink color mirror work outfit. Mirror work, traditionally known as sheesha work, is one of the centuries-old art of the country. This handicraft, known as sheesha embroidery or abhala Bharat embroidery, involves hand-threading small round, square mirrors onto clothing. is fitted with.This work can still be seen in the collections of many desi designers, and celebs also style it a lot.

Who Is Harnaaz Sandhu After All?

The 70th Miss Universe pageant is going to be held in Israel in December this year. In this, Mexico’s model Andrea Meza became the winner last year. This year Andrea will wear her crown to the new winner. After Harnaz Sandhu, Sonal Kukreja, the first runner up, and Davita Rai, the second runner up, have been given. If you are wondering who is Harnaaz Sandhu after all, then tell that she is a model living in Chandigarh, Punjab. In 2018, Harnaaz Sandhu won Miss Max Emerging Star 2018, while in 2019 she became Femina Miss India Punjab. In this pageant, he competed with 29 models and made his place in the top 12.

Mirror Work Used To Reflect Back Negative Vibes

If you go to know the history of mirror work, it is found in the art of Persia in the 13th century.In our country, its mention is found from the time of the Mughal rulers. It is believed.Mirror work was considered important in Islam because it reflected back the evil eye and negative vibes. Therefore, they were worn in the clothes of the king and queen. Similar belief was there among the people of Hindu and Jain religion, only then they used to decorate the pylons decorated with vial outside their house.

It Says Pink

Feminine energy is depicted using pink color. The role of women in life is shown to be caring, taking everyone along, and a symbol of goodness. Pink color has also been chosen to support those who are fighting breast cancer. Also shows respect to those who have won this battle. This outfit has been designed by designer Abhinav Mishra. As a prop along with the outfit, the umbrella is designed by Reza Sharifi.

Harnaaz Hails From Chandigarh

He has also done his graduation from Chandigarh. Harnaaz is 21 years old. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Administration. Harnaaz, a model from Punjab, is fond of not only modeling, but also acting, singing, dancing, yoga, swimming, horse riding, and cooking. This is clearly visible from his Instagram page as well.

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