Many players of the world have achieved that height by running on the 22-yard pitch of cricket. Which is dreamed by millions of people. All these people who reach the heights are considered even to God. But in our country where this sport is worshiped like a religion, for a long time, even in this religion, women did not get the status that they should have got. Its fight continues even today.

Cricket was not Mithali’s first love

It is true that Mithali Raj’s first love was not cricket. He loved to dance. She has also taken training in Bharatanatyam. But his father felt that Mithali could do better in cricket. Mithali’s brother used to go to play cricket.

world’s best woman Mithali raj 39th birthday

Mithali Raj, one of the best female cricket cricketers in the world, has been playing international cricket for more than 2 decades. The shine of her bat has not faded yet. On this day i.e. on December 3, 1982, Mithali was born in Jodhpur (Mithali Raj Birthday) city of Rajasthan. Mithali, celebrating her 39th birthday, wanted to become a classical dancer in her childhood. . Her mother also wanted the same but her father aspired to make her daughter a cricketer.

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Mithali Raj recorded all the records in her name

Mithali Raj took up the bat to fulfill her father’s dream and today all the records are recorded in her name in the cricket book. She is the highest run-scorer in women’s ODIs. She is the only (female and male) cricketer in India. Who has played two ODI World Cup finals as captain? However, his wish to become the world champion has not been fulfilled yet. In the ODI World Cup in New Zealand next year, this dream of his can also be fulfilled.

mother left job

Her parents have a very important role in letting Mithali’s dreams fly. Her mother even left her job so that there would be no shortage in the practice of the daughter.

not because married yet

Mithali Raj is 38 years old. But till now he has not married. Once in a media conversation, when Mithali was asked if you never thought of marriage, Mithali replied with a laugh. That came to mind when I was very young. But now when I see married people, I do not feel like getting married.