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Happy Birthday Dharmendra Know His Shocking Stories

There was a time when Dharmendra’s name was on everyone’s tongue. Meaning the actor who not only did his acting, but also created a lot of magic of facial innocence and action. Even in the 60s to 80s, his fitness was such that while the girls used to love him on the one hand, the boys of those times are very much inspired by him. Dharmendra is known for his vivacity in the industry.

Dharmendra was a wonderful person in real life too

The more interesting characters Dharmendra used to play in his films, the more brilliant man he was in real life as well. It is said that whenever he used to reach the sets of the film, there used to be an atmosphere of happiness by his arrival.

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Apart from his films, Dharmendra has been in the headlines for many things in his personal life as well, sometimes despite being married, Hema Malini’s affair with Hema Malini made a lot of headlines, and sometimes his drunkenness became a discussion. Another anecdote related to Dharmendra is quite famous.

‘Heiman’ turns 86 today

Dharam Singh Deol, known as the ‘Heman’ of Bollywood, was born on December 8, 1935. On Wednesday, he is celebrating his 86th birthday. On this special occasion, his fans from all over the world are wishing him a lot. Now on this special day, today we are going to tell you an interesting anecdote related to his personal life. Which he himself disclosed in one of his interviews.

Dharmendra had told this thing to his servant

Actually, everyone knows this thing about Dharmendra that he was very addicted to drinking alcohol. In such a situation, he had told the servant of his house that whenever he came after drinking alcohol, he should secretly open the door of his room at night. So that their parents or anyone does not get the news that they have consumed alcohol.

Dharmendra was caught red handed

Now one day when Dharmendra returned home drunk at around one o’clock in the night, the door of his room was not open. He called the servant several times in anger but even after a long time the door of his room did not open.

After this the door of his drawing opened and it was quite dark there. After waiting for a long time, now Dharmendra’s anger had reached the seventh sky. What was it then, without seeing and understanding anything, he grabbed the neck of the person standing in front in the dark from behind.

Dharmendra’s senses were blown away

Dharmendra angrily held his neck and said that “I told you to keep the door of my room open. Why didn’t you open the door? Now go open my room.” After this, in the dark itself, that person caught Dharmendra’s neck and took him straight to his mother’s room. As soon as there was a slight light, Dharmendra saw that the one whom he thought to be a servant was none other than his father. After this he apologized a lot to his father.

Dharmendra had promised his father

Dharmendra promised his father that day that he would now come home on time every day. Even today, when the veteran actor remembers that story, he gets disappointed, because on that day he had unknowingly but misbehaved with his father.

Let us tell you that Dharmendra started his film career with the 1960 film ‘Dile Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’. By the time of the 1970s, Dharmendra’s magic had worked on everyone. In the same year, he received the award for the most handsome man in the world.

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