Hamilton New Japan Strong Clash 2022 06.18.2022 Review

We’re back for this at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. With Ian Riccaoni and Matt Rehwald on the Call | This was the beginning of Coughlin’s new get-up. Because he’s out in one of those Terminator costumes that he used at WrestleMania the other year. He is now going by the nickname “Android”.

Sprinted and dodged Coughlin in the guard rail

Knight and Nelson started us. But JR Kratos sprinted around ringside and dodged Coughlin into the guard rail. Action in the ring sees Nelson flat knight on a dropdown before a hip toss and Young Lion’s slam led to a twisted standing frog splash for a two-count.

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Kevin Knight kicks Kratos off the apron

DKC and Kevin Knight traded quick tags before knocking Kratos off the apron. Coughlin then went after Royce Isaacs to push DKC into the head scissors on Nelson. Terry Funk used Kevin Knight as the lead in the process. The team races into the ring to turn things around, forming a trio of suplex together before Kratos is out the corner.

Leading to a double teardrop suplex

Knight tries to fight back. But Nelson dumps him with a back elbow for a two-count. Then pulled him into the corner as Royce puts on the Isaac boot. Coughlin gets the hot tag and dodges the West Coast Wrecking crew with a Gutwent suplex. As Kratos retreats…leading to a double teardrop suplex for a near-fall.

Kratos and Coughlin trade shots

Royce Isaacs gets triple-team. As he is placed in an electric chair by Coughlin for a Big Knight dropkick… Kratos breaks the pin. Because another turnaround pulled DKC apart. Thereby leading to another near-fall, a wheelbarrow German suplex from Kratos. Kratos and Coughlin trade shots for fire down. Which leads to a clothesline from Kratos.

The older man tries a Stinger Splash in the corner. But Coughlin caught it and converted it into an overhead belly-to-belly. Because Kratos rolled out again. As soon as we settled on WCWC and the Young Lions met with a plancha for good measure. Knight tried to move on. But a kick-assisted brainbuster was thrown into a German suplex before Isaac could win.

Daivari dove unconscious after the bell rang, then scored with a waistband takedown before Daivari headed outside. Before returning, Daivari saw the face of Delirius before driving the masked man’s face into the buckle. Delicious shuts it down for the Manhattan Drop. Then some chops and a crossbody, before a single-leg dropkick tossed Daivari down again.

Delicious cut his way out of the neck crank

Daivari hangs Delirius across the ropes. But couldn’t escape another drop from Manhattan. Before he pulled Delicious down by the hair. A running neck breaker chases for a near-fall. Before there was another focus going to the middle of the ropes. Delicious cut his way out with the crank of the neck. But could not escape the DDT as Daviari kept up the pressure.

Fierce fights with a sleeper hold, only to be strapped in the back… Daivari fights back with some chops and a misdirected clothesline. Then a series of short leg drops forces Daivari to roll out for relief. Daivari tries to leave the match but is thrown back into the ring by Delicious. It is then taken down with the fireman’s carry.

Delicious a superkick before the Hammerlock clothesline wins

The driver of Delicious’ Northern Lights almost won it. That’s before Daivari swung it along the Urnage to nearly collapse it. The clothesline of a hammer goes to Daivari’s back as Delicious. This makes the Cobra Camel clutch… but Daivari swings it into the pin to break the grip. A superkick stops Delicious from there before Hammerlock wins the clothesline. ,

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