Halsey Wonders If She Chose The Wrong Life She Wrote On Her Instagram Story

Halsey revealed that they surprise sometimes. whether they “choose the wrong life” after admitting that they felt “deep sadness”. The singer uses the pronoun she wrote on her Instagram Story on Wednesday.

Wonders if I chose the wrong life for myself

“I often wonder if I’ve chosen the wrong life for myself,” he added of a photo of candles burning. And its weight is suffocating. I am sorry that sadness has entered my art in a way that serves no greater purpose than my own hatred. Halsey always with bipolar disorder after attempting suicide. Has been open about his battles, and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the age of 17. Having endometriosis in particular,” Halsey said on Instagram, assuring fans that they “don’t want anyone to worry.”

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He continued

He continued, “I’m approaching my 28th birthday in a week. And just now for the first time I’m out of breath and gasping for air. Because I took a breather in this new life at the age of 18 A breath that was meant to keep me up for a decade. The “Closer” singer said he felt like he was “wandering irregularly. But soon hope to find meaning in your life through music. “If you can’t be kind, at least be gentle,” he concluded the message, adding, “With love.

The singer told Rolling Stone about her ongoing struggles in 2019

I’ve committed twice since becoming Halsey, and no one knows about it. But I am not ashamed to talk about it now,” the singer told Rolling Stone in 2019 about her ongoing struggles. This has been my favorite. I’ve told my manager, ‘Hey, I’m not going to do anything bad right now, but I’m getting to that point. Where I’m afraid I might do this, so I need to find out, it’s still happening in my body. All I know is when to face it.

Halsey reveals that after being Hospitalized

Not only has the “Without Me” songstress been dealing with her mental health for the past few years, but she’s also been diagnosed with other health issues. Back in May, Halsey revealed that after being hospitalized. He was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). I’m looking for answers to the root cause of some of these things, which could be an autoimmune disease. And I know I’ve had autoimmune issues for most of my life.

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