Hailey Bieber Wore the Avocado Corset Dress of Our Dreams

Hailey Bieber’s latest look is basically a modern take on Penelope Featherington’s go-to Bridgerton style. In an Instagram post from July 18, the model posed in a stunning corset dress in Lady Whistledown’s favorite Season 2 color: green. “Love an avocado moment,” Bieber captioned the post. An interesting detail about the garment is that its exposed binding continues past the torso at the back and sides of the dress, giving it a distinctive sultry vibe. Hailey complemented the dress’s silver hardware with a pair of statement earrings, wearing her hair back in a messy-chic updo.

Hailey Bieber Said About Beauty Techniques in April

The second theme of the look was glossy. Hailey Bieber not only glowed with her lips, but her entire body took on the glow of her signature “glazed donut skin.” “It’s a texture that hasn’t been seen much in the past decade,” makeup artist Jamie Greenberg said of Beauty Technique in April. “A glowing look is usually a sign of youthful skin – youth are really embracing a radiant skin glow.

Futuna Skin Replenishing Balm and Skinovel’s Selenite Gloss

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To get the look for yourself, Greenberg recommends prepping your skin with a face oil or balm—she likes Futuna Skin Replenishing Balm and Skinovell’s Selenite Gloss. On top of that, you can add radiance to your skin by adding oil to your foundation or by dabbing a little oil into your skin after applying your makeup.

First Steps to JamieMakeup’s Bluelighter

For those avoiding oil, she suggests Kevin Aucoin’s Glass Glow Gloss for a brightening effect. “I love to layer a little color too,” she says. “I like JamieMakeup’s Blilighter as a first step and Glass Glow on top.”

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The key is moderation. “You should hit the high points of the face,” Greenberg says. “The entire face shouldn’t look glassy or wet—the high points should be the wettest, and there may be a slight glint in your T-zone.”

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