Hailey Bieber Wins In Rode Skincare Ttrademark Lawsuit

In the 17-minute video, Bieber touches on the inspiration behind the name of his beauty line, which is also his own middle name.

Design duo Poorna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers in 2018

In a previous statement to Page Six Style, the legal team backing fashion label Road claimed that Bieber tried to acquire the trademark from design duo Poorna Khateau and Phoebe Vickers in 2018 — and then launched their brand in 2022 anyway. when he refused.

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On Monday, a representative from the designers told us

Our trial continues. The court’s decision is only a decision by a judge not to ban Hailey Bieber’s skincare line from using our brand name during trial proceedings until we have had the opportunity to gather further evidence. Postpone. It is extremely rare for a judge to issue the preliminary order we have sought, and so we expected this outcome. ,


We are confident that we will win the trial. ‘Road’ is our name and brand, we built it, and federal and state laws protect it. We ask Hailey to achieve our goals without using the brand name we’ve spent the last nine years building.

Bieber’s family lawyer Michael Rhodes tells us

Bieber allegedly went ahead with launching her brand after unsuccessfully trying to obtain the trademark rights from the fashion company.We are pleased with the entire court’s order dismissing Plaintiff’s motion to be initially involved in Hailey’s new company and skincare line.”

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